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Sorrento Young Art II edizione

Sorrento Young Art II edizione

SORRENTO YOUNG ART II EDIZIONE - Villa Fiorentino - Sorrento 7 april - 13 may 2018

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“ Holy Week in Sorrento”, this is the title of a splendid multimedia exhibition intended to be hosted in the prestigious context of Villa Fiorentino during the Lenten period. Thanks to this expo visitors will have the opportunity to gather an infinite number of details about the processions, rituals and popular traditions that are typical of the Sorrento Peninsula and that give a special charm to the same City of Tasso in the week between Sunday of the Palms and the Holy Easter. The entire exhibition will revolve around a myriad of shots and videos that over the course of several decades have enriched the collection of two of the famous Sorrento’s photographers: Lino and Antonino Fattorusso. This is an exclusive event because, in this circumstance, the public will be able to admire the best part of a repertoire capable of envying the best cineteche. Never satisfied by the quantity of high quality images taken from their objectives, in fact, Lino and Antonino Fattorusso, with maniacal punctuality have immortalized with their shots men, women, views, places and events without neglecting the need to devote their attention to every single edition. Thanks to so much passion, therefore, Sorrento today can have a photographic archive able to tell the local history of over fifty years, even if only using the images alone. A part of these magnificent photographs that portray precisely all that concerns the Holy Week in Sorrento, will allow the public to capture suggestive and exciting nuances until they mature full knowledge of the subject. For the Sorrentines it will be an opportunity to bring to mind men, moving moments and many memories. For tourists, however, the exhibition will represent an opportunity to acquire knowledge through which to feel encouraged to live personally, immediately or in the future, the mysticism and the warm atmosphere of the Sorrento Holy Week. The exhibition will be further enhanced by a section dedicated to the unforgettable master of “Miserere“ Giovanni Ambrosini and the exhibition of works by famous local artists and master craftsmen who have told the Easter rites of the Sorrento peninsula with authentic works of art. To make everything more interesting, in fact, will be works by Marcello Aversa, Bruno and Renato Balsamo as well as artisans of the caliber of: Calemma, D ‘Alessio and D’ Errico. To this will be added precious objects made available by the Congregations that organize the main processions; palms of confetti and much more. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit the exhibition, in short, will be able to grasp in an almost tangible way the warmth that accompanies the Sorrento tradition, as the mysticism that makes the processions and, more generally, Easter rites particularly moving and evocative.


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