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Aligi Sassu - Mediterraneo

Friday, July 15, 2011, at 19:00, in the halls of Villa Florence, Sorrento (Italy Corso, 53), will open
The exhibition ALIGI SASSU - "Mediterranean", organized in collaboration with architect Marisa Zattini the son of the Artist
Carlos Julio Suarez Sassu. A substantial number of works, over 80, chosen by the Master's work - encompassing
a time span ranging from 1930 to 1997 - set up within the halls of this prestigious exhibition
Architect Augusto Pompili.
There are paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, sketches, plays only buttons and fragrances, all significant works
Sassu from the Archive - edited by his son Carlos Julio Suarez Sassu - and some private collections.
"If we think that the myth of the Mediterranean has gone a bit 'all European culture involving painting,
sculpture, poetry, music and architecture, our Artist certainly emerges as one of its major
interpreters. Sassu is one of the biggest names in Italian art of the twentieth century who lived
fully the "Mediterranean" to the primitivist energy that has been able to transpose in all his work;
obsessive search for that depth and beauty that this subject had in his path, for that
strength and the consistency with which the artist has been able to express and develop throughout his life,
the riot of movement and creative vitality. [...] A visionary artist who knew how to explore and interpret
rather, through his own artistic research, that dimension "Mediterranean and mythical" seen and experienced as a metaphor
par excellence of the "Theatrum mundi" man "(M. Zattini).
Figures, landscapes, horses, Red Men, coffee house ... all representations that have developed unique
dramatically since the '30s.
The Mediterranean, understood as "place prince" of his imagination, it has become a real landscape
the soul where the roots of a culture of Latin-greek. It is the emotional intensity of a beloved land of Sardinia,
of Sicily, Mallorca is a perfect implementation in the power of coloristic Sassu, in that
chromatic richness of life that distinguishes his papers, his paintings and all his rich ceramic production
and sculpture. "The myth is a word, story that is handed down and becomes an icon, by sending a message, reworking
archetypal forms of the language of the mind, freeing the deep identity which stipulates characters
collective interpretation "(Natalia Suarez Sassu). An event not to be missed!

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