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Old memories in 3D

A three-dimensional exhibition of photographs dedicated to the rites of Holy Week in Sorrento, with symbols, songs and testimonies related to the age-old tradition of processions and black and white history of the city.
The event, titled "Ancient memories in 3D. Sorrento and its rites of Passover," will open Saturday, April 16, at 19, at the Church of St. Paul, the Mayor of Sorrento, Joseph Cuomo, the Councillor for Tourism, Gaetano Milano and Sorrento, the director of the Foundation, Luigi Gargiulo.
Included in the bill of Sorrento Spring festival, sponsored by the City and Foundation, the exhibition will be open to the public until May 10 next year, from 17 to 22 and limited to holidays and holiday eves, even in the morning, from 10 to 13 thanks to the availability of the students of the San Paolo.
"We wanted to offer to citizens and tourists - said the mayor Cuomo - the possibility of a trip, consisting of photographs and emotions, in the period in our culture and tradition is a time of increased involvement, namely the period before Easter , with the holding of the processions of Holy Week. "
Set in one of the jewels of the extensive religious heritage of the city, the church of the Monastery of St. Paul, whose origins date back to the ninth century, the exhibition boasts the presence of images on a section of Sorrento and a few works of the nineteenth century ' Deposition of Christ as an ancient art, sculpted from a single olive tree.
"The element of novelty is the setting up of shots of Gianfranco Capodilupo, designed in 3D by Bruno Mountain, with special glasses to watch - the commissioner intervenes Milan - The three-dimensional view allows the visitor to feel part of what is depicted and not a spectator at a distance. We hope that this collaboration with other ecclesiastical institutions could continue for future events. Our thanks to all who helped organize the event: the pastor of the Cathedral, Nino Cuomo, Don Franco Maresca, Mario Cappiello , Gigino Lombardi, Peppe Savino, Camillo Sorrentino, Joseph Mastellone, Michele Fiorentino, and many friends who have given us a hand. "

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