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At Capo di Sorrento it is possible to admire the Poseidon's reign

 So many particularities make the marine world, which hides under the waters of one of the most enchanting areas in the Mediterranean, unique, cheerful, lively and coloured.
The part of the Capo di Sorrento which is closest to the sea is able to enchant anyone having a walk concentrating themselves on the so many ruins and natural wonders which are abundant in this area, but those who wish to study in depth the knowledge of this area can also discover the fantastic beauties hidden under the surface of the sea.
So, whilst the earthly world has taken its name from the Queen Johanna – who – according to old legends – was supposed to be used to come to this wonderful natural oasis, the marine one still keeps its dimension of Poseidon’s Reign unchanged (Poseidon was an ancient Greek god who was supposed to have the absolute control of that sea where those Mermaids who contributed to increasing the fame of the whole Sorrento Coast were present).
Underneath the cliff, for example, we can meet with an interesting expanse of Posidonia oceanica which forms large prairies with its characteristic green colour and has both the task to avoid the erosion of the coast, and to ensure an abundant production of oxygen.
Right in this thick vegetation, it is possible to find a lot of specimens of sea urchins, starfish, clams, crustaceans and red sea squirts.
At less deep levels, moreover, there are – in a moderate quantity – sea horses, scorpion fish, wrasses, anthiases and salpa.
The more we go down, instead, the more we have the possibility to appreciate a change of the environment and of the flora and fauna species.
Yellow sea-fans, actinias, seaweeds and porifers, for instance, make the underwater world even more interesting and rich in colours offering a wide range of nuances which vary from yellow to orange.
Among the fish, instead, it is not difficult to meet with white breams, morays, giltheads, pipefish and thrushes of various species.
Under the coast, finally, it is not difficult to meet with cheerful dolphins poking their heads among the waves, whilst – much more offshore – we can happen to admire specimens of cetaceans among which the most frequent ones are sperm whales.



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