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Capri - There is nothing, in this place, that can be compared to the rest of world Wonderful, charming, sensual, interesting. It is not a "donna". It is Capri. Capital of mundanity, every year “the blue island” keeps on being the ideal postcard for the international Jet-set, preserving tradition, which dates back to the age of the Roman Emperor Caesar Octavianus Augustus and to his successor Tiberius. Nowadays, as well as during the Ancient Eras, stars and personalities of High Society, celebrities and VIP's consider it as the ideal place for their holidays. Nevertheless, among many celebrities that can meet at the so-called “Piazzetta”, while walking along Via Camerelle or one of the many small, yet suggestive lanes in the island, the queen remain on being just "her": Capri. Able to keep unchanged the capacity of enchanting everyone, thanks to the thousand different beauties offered and to the several emotions given nad felt, it remains the uncontested queen. There is nothing, in this place, which can be compared to the rest of the world. The only sight of the Faraglioni rocks or the ‘simple’ visit to the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) could be enough to reward any sacrifice. However the choice can range from the Grand Gardens of Augustus to the enchanting Via Krupp, from Villa Jovis to the Natural Arch, from the Charterhouse of Saint Giacomo to Villa San Michele, from Palazzo Cerio and much more. Even the ride up by funicular (from the port to the Piazzetta) or that by the chair lift (which leads to the top of Mount Solaro) can be considered as incomparable breathtaking experiences. But this is not all. Every corner in the island offers a landscape, a sight, a view capable of overwhelming. And then, all around……….the sea. A blue, boundless, crystal clear, bright sea, able to give shivering sensations. Although the time seems to stop, life in Capri is always in a state of continuous flourishing. With the cheerful voices of thousands of tourists, who take turns along the streets and at the shops during the day, complex whispering rules the night, but the Piazzetta is always crowded. Although the available space is very reduced (the square contains the Clock Tower, the town hall, the bars and the steps leading to the Church of Saint Stefano) everyone is able to find space.

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