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The Institute of Culture Torquato Tasso presents a program of cultural events to be held at Villa Fiorentino, Italy Corso Italia 53 - Sorrento (Na).
For any further information please refer to the Facebook group "Isituto Cultural Torquato Tasso Sorrento", ask dr. Raffaele Attardi - ​​tel. 339 2519845.

Here is the detailed program:

Dr Raffaele Attardi chemical Prof Francesca Felici Astarita Professor of St. Paul Institute, WATER, EARTH, AIR, FIRE: the man and the primordial elements

Saturday, January 28, 10:00 am CONFERENCE ON WATER AND EARTH
The water cycle: water supply, wastewater treatment, protection of the sea and water sources. The use of natural resources: the consumption of natural resources, the production of goods, waste management.
meeting guests: Laura Cuomo, promoter of the Facebook group "The Great Wave" and Dr. Luigi Cuomo, Director of Penisola Verde.

Saturday, February 4, 10:00 am CONFERENCE ON AIR AND FIRE
The oxygen cycle and nitrogen cycle: the atmosphere that surrounds us and the air we breathe. The pollution of the atmosphere. Natural and artificial sources of energy: the impact of energy consumption on the natural balances. meeting guests: Prof Leopoldo Milano, former Director of the Institute of Physics of the University of Naples; Chim Dr Giovanni Imperato, former member ARPAC Campania.

Prof. Alfonso Paolella, physiognomy AND SCIENCES contemporary.
TUESDAY February 7th, 16.00 Physiognomy / Physiognomy; object and purpose of physiognomy; from its origins to Della Porta. Report Physiognomy / Art; Beauty: from mythology representation to that of heroes, kings and rulers. Ugliness - deformità- lowest. Representations of the witch.
Thursday, February 16, 17:30 The body as language. Deciphering body language. Proxemics. facial language. Phenomenology liar. Read the lies through the non-verbal language.
TUESDAY February 21, 17:30 hours kinesthetic. The micro-expressions. body positions. Phenomenology of the interview. Courtship signals acceptance or rejection. Signals strong / weak signals. Conclusion.

TUESDAY March 7, 16.00 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Greek and the Roman gardens gardens. The medieval gardens.
TUESDAY March 14, 17.30 The villas and gardens of the Medici in Florence. Festivals and equipment in European gardens.
TUESDAY March 21, 17:30 The gardens of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Sorrento garden.

TUESDAY March 28, 16.00 Anthroposophy: Introduction to sustainable knowledge of the world and the destiny of man.
Being of man. The path of knowledge.

Dott. Giuseppe Imparato
TUESDAY April 4 Rate and music. The music inspired by Tasso and his works

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Classical music in Sorrento

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Historical fountains of Sorrento

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The heritage of the land of the syrens

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The Basilica of St. Antonino

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The splendid sacred vestments of Congregazionella

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The beauties of inlay in Sorrento Cathedral

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