Villa Fiorentino Sorrento sede della Fondazione Sorrento

Fondazione Sorrento


The Schizzariello back to its former glory

Completed the restoration of the fountain called the Schizzariello. Another commitment was to accomplish the Foundation Sorrento.


The heritage of the land of the syrens

A walk through Sorrento, with its sounds, colors, flavors and moods.


The development of Sorrento granted by the building of a gate

The opening of the Gate of Parsano actually allowed the development of Sorrento towards the South. Until the 18th century, in fact, the access to the hilly area was particularly difficult.


The Basilica of St. Antonino

At the sides of the high altar of the Church consecrated to the Patron Saint of Tasso's hometown two pictures full of relics are on show.


The splendid sacred vestments of Congregazionella

In the Church of Servi di Maria in Sorrento there is a splendid collection of vestments going back to the 18th century.


The beauties of inlay in Sorrento Cathedral

Interesting are the particulars present in Sorrento Cathedral. Many are the pieces of furniture and the finishes made by using expressions of the local craftsmanship involving the use of wood carving and wood inlay.


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Firmato - 29/05/2018
Tutto non è solo quel che sembra ma, molto altro.

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