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The beauties of inlay in Sorrento Cathedral

Interesting are the particulars present in Sorrento Cathedral. Many are the pieces of furniture and the finishes made by using expressions of the local craftsmanship involving the use of wood carving and wood inlay.


The House of Famiglia Correale

At the entrance of Via Santa Maria della Pieta' we can appreciate one of the houses which, together with others, made up a kind of small hamlet of the nobles from Sorrento in the heart of the town.


Palace Farina in Sorrento

Belonged to the Brancias, the historical building, at the beginning of the Eighteenth century was sold to Family Correale who already owned other neighbouring palaces. For this reason it was renamed Casa Nuova (New House).


The portals of v.Padre Reginaldo Giuliani

The old Sorrento street was in the past the core of the intense society life of the local noblemen and the heart of suggestive events.


The portals of v.S. Cesareo

An old main decumanus, in the past this was the main street in the town. It is not by chance that there were the homes of the most important noble families from Sorrento.


Palace Veniero

Having survived the urban transformations which have interested Tasso's hometown in the course of the last few centuries, the building still keeps numerous interesting architectural details.


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