Villa Fiorentino Sorrento sede della Fondazione Sorrento

Fondazione Sorrento


Cornelia Tasso's house

In walking along Via San Nicola it is still possible to appreciate the stately home which gave hospitality to the sister of the author of Jerusalem Delivered and her family.


The cinquecentine of the Correale museum

Among the many treasures kept in the museum of Sorrento, there are also those kept in its library.


The splendid collection of porcelains at the Correale museum

Among the factories which have made the specimens on show there are also those of Vienna, Copenhagen, Saint Cloud, Sevres, Capodimonte, Naples Real Fabbrica, Venice (Cozzi and Vezzi), Minor Neapolitan Factories and so many more.


The miracle of the silver statue of St. Antonino

According to old tales, it was the Patron Saint of Sorrento himself to pay the work commissioned by the Sorrento people after the sack of the town made by Saracens in 1558.


The church of San Paolo

Object of so many different restoration and enlargement interventions, also the Church of San Paolo – as well as all the other ancient churches of Tasso’s town – appears in a different way from the aspect which characterized it in the origins.


The church of Servi di Maria

The Church of Servi di Maria house very precious shepherds of various epochs.


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