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The church of San Paolo

Object of so many different restoration and enlargement interventions, also the Church of San Paolo – as well as all the other ancient churches of Tasso’s town – appears in a different way from the aspect which characterized it in the origins.


The church of Servi di Maria

The Church of Servi di Maria house very precious shepherds of various epochs.


Chiesa del Carmine

Consecrated to the cult of a Dark Madonna, the holy building, lying in a dominant position as against the central Tasso Square, is rich in works of art of various times.


The church of Annunziata

Built on the ruins of ancient temple of Cybele, the religious building is considered among the most ancient ones in the Sorrento Coast.


The Cathedral

Marble bas-reliefs of the Medieval period, besides tables and paintings of refined manufacture, made in various times, embellish the Church of the “Santi Filippo e Giacomo”.


The church of San Francesco

Risen, probably, in the 14th century, the beautiful Sorrento church, in the course of the centuries, has deeply changed its aspect.


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