Villa Fiorentino Sorrento sede della Fondazione Sorrento

Fondazione Sorrento


The church of Addolorata

Risen to house the Congregation of the “Vergine dei Sette Dolori” in Sorrento, the magnificent Sorrento church was built in the first half of the 18th century.


The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

It was a noble woman from Sorrento who wanted the building of a church and a monastery dedicated to the daughters of the people of Sorrento and its surroundings.


San Francesco cloister

What makes unique this valuable construction, is a particularly suggestive architecture.


The history of Correale museum

Visit the Correale Museum, hosted inside the villa of same name in Sorrento, is like visiting an angle of Paradise.


Sedil Dominova

One of the most important monuments of Sorrento.


Canta Napoli - Opera, Pulcinella e canzoni napoletane

From June 9th to Friday, until September 22, the show "CANTA NAPOLI - OPERA, PULCINELLA AND NAPOLETAN SONGS" will be held by OPERA IN ROMA.
This unforgettable concert will leave the wonderful remembrance of the trip to Italy for indifferent guests!

VIP ( 1a fila, 2a fila, 3a fila, 4a fila ) € 50,00
SETTORE A , POSTI CENTRALI ( dalla 5a fila) € 35,00
SETTORE B, POSTI DIETRO ( le ultime 2 file) € 25,00

RIDUZIONI ( under 18, studenti fino a 27 anni, gruppi ,militari)
SETTORE A , POSTI CENTRALI ( dalla 5a fila ) € 30,00
SETTORE B, POSTI DIETRO ( le ultime fila) € 20,00


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