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The events in preparation until next spring 2012

The summer heat has not yet softened and Sorrento Foundation, in collaboration with the town of Sorrento, announces that in preparation for the events will be hosted at Villa Fiorentino in the medium term until spring 2012.

Already October 1 rooms will host a meeting of testimonies and memories dedicated to the Blessed John Paul II in preparation for the twentieth anniversary of his pastoral visit to the Diocese of Sorrento in 1992.

The event will be treated from 'UCSI - Catholic Union of the Italian Press-which will also set up a photographic exhibition entitled "John Paul II reminds Sorrento"
From the second half of October to the end of November will be formalized agreement being finalized between the Foundation and Sorrento The Correale Museum for an exchange program aimed at joint cultural events.

The initiative has found that the unanimous consent of the Board of Directors the Museum and was also welcomed Trustee Sorrento, intends to, temporarily and for longer or shorter, at Villa Florentine museum collections may be integrated with individual pieces representative of the largest collections immovable specially reproduced with eye-catching murals of salt the exhibition comes.

Villa Fiorentino, for its particularly good position compared to the pedestrian flow of tourists, there is a showcase for exceptional distribution and promotion of artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Sorrento and in particular the museum in Via Califano.

The first event will cover the exposure of the wonderful collection of fans between 700 and 900 recently donated to the Correale Museum.
< br /> In the 'December 8 and up to January 8, 2012, the event will be repeated "Masters in the exhibition, the Neapolitan crib at Villa Fiorentino". With substantial new work is underway to repeat the success of the first edition which had the advantage of bringing in 20,134 visitors to the halls of Villa Fiorentino fans of the crib and its tradition.

For this' year will maintain a high standard by hosting an exhibition of the works of the leading masters of this ancient art.

Between January and March 2012 will be maintained with the Association's commitment Sorrento inlaid with the restatement on display the collection "Salierno", properly integrated and extended with other devices phonograph, radio and sound recording, but also with musical scores, images of artists and performances, playbills and other vintage materials coming from 'Archives of the Neapolitan Song .

The ability to organize the event "The Sound Factory" comes from the contacts established with the production center of Naples, Rai, Rai Radio Direction of Rome and the Historical Archive of the Neapolitan song that shown keen interest in initiatives of the Foundation of Sorrento.

From this synergistic partnership is hoped the signing of a multi-year agreement with a commitment to build a great event every year already named " the days of Sorrento Musical "with the record for operator intervention, the SIAE, publishers of music, up to the unions of the show. Sorrento meeting place and discussion on the production and enjoyment of music.

Then "Spring Coast - between culture and tradition," second edition, will take us to the Easter rituals and the first appointments of the next tourist season. < br />

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