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Progetti d'autore

Inside the exhibition "Open Holiday 2015" underline the following initiatives:


Aperti per ferie 2015

From 5th to 25th of August


Notti d’amore e d’amicizia

Notti d’amore e d’amicizia, a Sorrento musica etnica al chiostro
La Mescla (19 luglio), Joe Barbieri (5 agosto) e Raphael Gualazzi (6 agosto), tra i prossimi ospiti della rassegna...


Clear nights and sweet dreams of land and sea

Ten appointments, from 10 July 2015: among the guests Daniele Sepe, Riccardo Ascani and heroes of Made in South.


Notti chiare e dolci sogni

24 th july 2015 Regina Giovanna


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