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Libro Trattoria da Emilia

Ci sono dei locali che non sono solo un punto di ritrovo, ma rappresentano vere e proprie istituzioni che identificano un luogo.


Sorrento & Folklore

Sorrento & Folklore - A popular, yet genuine way of displaying a picturesque Sorrento...


The old tradition of Palms of sugar-coated almonds.

A profane legend exalts the sweetness of a gesture considered sacred.


The Sorrentine Tarantella

The most famous popular dance in the world under the Sorrentine interpretation


Salve D’Espostito – Sorrento composer

Short biography of composer Salve D' Esposito, glory of the Sorrento Coast Many consider the song titled “Torna a Surriento” like a sort of “national anthem” of the Land of the Syrens but Salve D’Esposito has the title of standard bearer of the Sorrento song in the world.


The legend of Dead Christ’s statue

According to charming popular tales, the statue carried in procession in Sorrento, in the evening of Holy Friday, would have been made by a noble knight who would have achieved a right of asylum in the Church of San Catello.


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Collection Enrico Salierno
Collezione Enrico Salierno

Enrico Salierno was a fellow-citizen, coming from the historical centre , who in the 60s/70s following or preceding many Sorrento people, inlayer and ...

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