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The exhibition "Territory and Art" will be held at Villa Fiorentino from 8 to 20 February, an exhibition that, as the title suggests, aims to highlight the works of local artists who stand out for their art.
This year we are pleased to host the artists Sergio Buonocore, Carmen Coppola and the exhibition for the selection of the International Biennial of Art of Rome 2022 curated by Letizia Caiazzo of the ASS. Ars Harmonia Mundi.
Sergio Buonocore born in Vico Equense, an artist in continuous evolution, nicknamed the portraitist of the VIPs, mentioned in the contemporary art atlases De Agostini and Mondadori, is present in several national and international galleries (Prague, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome).
Carmen Coppola, born in 1991, of Santanellese origins. Graphic designer in a fashion company in Milan, she paints with passion and makes her debut in this exhibition by exhibiting her six works made with oil and acrylic on canvas.
Each work, rich in allegories, can assume different and subjective interpretations.
Letizia Caiazzo, artist specialized in cyber-digital, already present last year at Villa Fiorentino with a personal lei of her, for 2022 presents the selection exhibition as well as the poetry contest “Compiuta Donzella”.

The event opens on 8 February at 5.30 pm.

During the exhibition, on Saturday 12 February the awards ceremony will take place for the selection of the works for participation in the XIV International Biennial of Art in Rome 2022 and the "Compiuta Donzella" poetry competition organized by the Ars Harmonia Mundi association. .
Free admission, opening hours to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 19, Saturday and Sunday until 20.00, the green pass is required for access.

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