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Collection Enrico Salierno

Collezione Enrico Salierno

Enrico Salierno was a fellow-citizen, coming from the historical centre , who in the 60s/70s following or preceding many Sorrento people, inlayer and cabinetmakers, moved to America to trade our typical product ( boxes, trolleys, paintings, the gaming tables, etc..) on which the inlay was stuck, artistic and manual expression belonging to our culture and classic tradition, within a work cycle, in which the assembling of carillon was planned.

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All right reserved - photo by Antonino Fattorusso

The great art will also accompany the summer of 2018 in Sorrento. The "Francis Bacon Transformation" exhibition was inaugurated, which will be open to the public from May 20th until October 21st. The exhibition collects works donated by the artist to his friend Barry Joule, consisting of recto-verso drawings and a group of surrealist paintings from the 1930s, as well as several documents, unpublished images, private photographs and drawings.
The collection, consisting of over 100 pieces, arrived in Sorrento after being exhibited at the Picasso Museum, at the Maeght Foundation, together with the works of Alberto Giacometti and Henri Matisse, and in China at the Museum of Art How of Shangha, in 2004 It was partly donated to the Tate Gallery in London and to the Picasso museum in Paris, or to the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, a native of Joule.
Barry Joule himself took part in the vernissage, who said he was "happy to be in Sorrento a city that certainly would have liked Bacon, who had already fallen in love with Naples during his visit in 1989".
The managing director of the Sorrento Foundation who sponsored the event, Gaetano Milano, did the honors. "In addition to thanking Barry Joule who has made available to us this huge amount of works by the great English artist - he said - I am grateful to the Artytudiopaparo who oversaw the organization even in the smallest details. We also thank the "Grandi" artistic high school that actively participated with the students who made some works, inspired by the work of Bacon, which we host in a dedicated room ".
The event was officially presented last Wednesday at the Royal Palace of Naples with the participation of the Superintendent of Archeology, Fine Arts and Pae-essay for the City of Naples, Luciano Garella, who stressed as "the enhancement of contemporary art it is one of our institutional objectives and this becomes even more important when we are going to inaugurate the exhibition of the works of an artist who loved the city of Naples. Bacon, during a visit in the city, admired our rooms, remaining fascinated above all by the works of the Ca-ravaggio which, in part, influenced his work ".
He was present at the Palazzo Reale in Naples as well as at Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento, Isabella Valente, professor of History of Contemporary Art at the University Federico II of Naples who highlighted "the importance of the exhibition set up in Sorrento for the presence of works unpublished as those of the early artistic Bacon of the thirties and those present in his study. Just as those contained in his X Album are exceptionally interesting ".
At the ribbon cutting the mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo, announced that the exhibition is dedicated to the English tourist who was the victim of violence in a hotel in Meta. "In the last days - said the mayor - we have been malgra-do in the spotlight of the news for a very serious fact. To demonstrate the solidity and the proximity of the city of Sorrento to the English lady victim of the violence consumed in a hotel in Meta I want to dedicate the exhibition of a great British artist her compatriot ".
The idea of ​​the exhibition, which is sponsored by the Municipality of Sorrento and the Sorrento Foundation, was born from the meeting in Paris in 2015 between the working group of the artstudiopaparo editions led by Pompeo Paparo and Barry Joule and wants to satisfy two ambitions. A personal and affective, referable to Joule, who realizes his desire to exhibit, after 30 years from the only stay of Francis Bacon in southern Italy, the works of the artist in those lands of the South that so passionate him. The other, however, of a scientific nature, attributable to the interest that will arouse the drawings, sketches, paintings and private photographs of an unpublished Fran-cis Bacon.

The exhibition will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The last entrance 30 minutes before closure.

Full ticket € 10.00 - reduced € 7.00 (under 16 - over 65 and groups)
Info and group bookings Tel. 081-8782284 (Villa Fiorentino)

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