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Il presepe napoletano a Villa Fiorentino - galleria

Il presepe napoletano a Villa Fiorentino

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Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso


Go back to the best meeting with the Prespa Art and the Santa Claus Village. Villa Fiorentino is already Christmas. The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, at 6.30 pm, and from the following day, the splendid home of the Sorrento Foundation will welcome large and young people who want to experience the atmosphere of the holidays by diving into a fairytale world .
For lovers of traditions in the halls of the building overlooking the Sorrento Italy course, the exhibition dedicated to the representations of the nativity is set up. The best artists of the pro-vinci of Naples exhibit their works in the context of the kermesse titled "The Neapolitan Crib at Villa Fiorentino", which this year is the eighth edition. The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and Sundays from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 9am. The entrance ticket is 2 euro per person (free for Sorrento residents). The display of the cribs will remain open until January 7, 2018.
Also from November 30, the area around Villa Fiorentino is home to the Santa Claus Village. For the 2017 edition, Santa Claus Village is especially dedicated to younger children. Set up a path through the citrus grove with educational booths and typical Christmas products. In the area surrounding the Villa you will also find a gastronomic spot, the Santa Claus house and a small farm with lots of flesh and bone. Children also have the opportunity to watch animation shows, while every hour, under a specially designed indoor deck, is played a musical dedicated to Christmas. The Santa Claus Village is open until January 1, 2018 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 13pm and from 4pm to 9pm. The entrance ticket is 8 Euros for all, including children of age over 3 years. For residents in Sorrento peninsula the ticket is 4 euros.
The Christmas events of Villa Fiorentino are included in the M'Illumino d'Inverno event calendar of the City of Sorrento. "This year we have also realized events to celebrate the Christmas of adults and children from the beginning of December and until January," explains the Managing Director of the Fondazione Sorrento, Gaetano Milano. In the rooms of Villa Fiorentino we have given space to the masters of the presepi art as a tradition, while in the surrounding area a company specializes during the weekends organizes a whole series of events for the youngest. From May to Thursday, the Santa Claus Village will be freely available, as well as the playground that will continue to be open for free. "
Opera di Giuseppe Ercolano
Opera di Vincenzo del Gaudio
Opera di Luigi Tramontano
Opera di Antonio Sorrentino


After participating in the fiction series Sirene alongside Luca Argentero and the success at the theater with the show "7 vizi napoletani" alongside the Gallo brothers, Marco Palmieri returns to Villa Fiorentino with the second appointment of "The crib takes soul", the success of the representation of the characters of the Neapolitan nativity scene, according to a project staged by Marco Palmieri.
So while visiting the cribs in the beautiful rooms of the villa, you can meet the actors who interpret the shepherd of wonder, the washerwoman, the fisherman, the chimney sweep, Ciccibacco, Stefania, the beggar and so on.
At the end of the route a sparkling Pulcinella concludes wishing all visitors a good omen for the new year.
The strength of the message that passes is that tradition is always capable of renewing itself, through its many facets of art and that gives this land a uniqueness that is hard to put into words, but that only by living it can one truly understand.
We remember the names of all the actors who will accompany Marco in this excursus: Mario Aterranno, Gabriella Cerino, Tina Scatola, Lorena Bartoli, Noemi Coppola, Chiara Di Girolamo, Enzo Esposito, Antonio Ferraro, Roberto Fiorentino, Giusy Freccia, Nicola Le Donne, Francesco Luongo, Laura Misticone, Marco Serra, with the participation of Rosaria De Cicco.
The appointments will be as follows: December 8th, December 16th, December 23rd, January 5th, always in the context of the exhibition.

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