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The splendid collection of porcelains at the Correale museum

Among the factories which have made the specimens on show there are also those of Vienna, Copenhagen, Saint Cloud, Sevres, Capodimonte, Naples Real Fabbrica, Venice (Cozzi and Vezzi), Minor Neapolitan Factories and so many more.
All over the museum facility, we can admire dinner sets, cups, vases, snuffboxes, candleholders, pipe burners, stick handles, clocks and above all so many small statues going from the representation of human figures to that of animals and to that of more or less complex groups.
Wonderfully distributed in the various rooms of the Museum, the objects can always draw the attention of visitors for their elegance and their enchanting manufacture, despite they come from different places.
It is enough to say that among the factories which have made the specimens on show, there are those of: Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), Saint Cloud and Sevres (France), Berlin, Furstemberg, Meissen, Hochst, Kloster Veilsdorf, Nymphenburg, Ludwigsburg and Frankentahl (Germany), Bow and Chelsea (England), Amsterdam (Holand), Saint Peterborough (Russia), Buen Retiro (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland), Capodimonte, Naples Real Fabbrica, Venice (Cozzi and Vezzi) and Minor Neapolitan Factories (Italy).
All those considering the working of china a real art expression, therefore, have the sensation of being in a small paradise, where to enjoy admiring unique and, anyway, wonderful pieces.
Also the least expert ones, yet, cannot be but enchanted by the beauty and the so many peculiarities characterizing the so many masterpieces they see.
Despite the small sizes of the Correale Museum, the collection of porcelains in it kept is considered among the most important, beautiful and rich ones in the world. Also for this reason, it is at the centre of continuous studies and provides many chances of deep analyses of various kind.
To the precious and wide collection, a wonderful brochure is dedicated, entitled: The European Porcelains at the Correale Museum in Sorrento (edited by Luigi Buccino Grimaldi with Ruina Cariello and published by Emilio Di Mauro  from Cava dei Tirreni, in 1978). 



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