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Mario Sironi exhibition

Great art comes back to embrace Sorrento with an exhibition dedicated to the most influential and original Italian painter tied to the evolutionary experience of Futurism: Mario Sironi.
The art show titled "Mario Sironi: painting - great decor - Illustration" will take place in the beautiful setting of Villa Fiorentino on Friday, February 21 to Sunday, April 20. The exhibition will be divided into three sections: the painting (works from the Twenties to 1961), the Great Wall (works 1934-1938) and illustration (works 1915-1925). For a total of 80 works.
The event, promoted by the Sorrento Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Sorrento, will house works by the artist from the collection of Andrea Sironi Straußwald, from the collection of the Gallery Fifty, from private collectors.
Two months in which the Sardinian artist will be the new star of the great art on display in Sorrento, with an exhibition of international curated by Claudio Spadoni, Estemio Serri and Gino Fienga.
A unique opportunity to admire the creativity and genius of one of the most eccentric and fascinating of the last century, that unlike most artists of the twentieth century, never made the stylization and a cliché, to the last, he knew find new forms of expression for their own research. A genius to which fate has not given due recognition and that the pages of the history of art, a key position.
Mario Sironi in Sorrento in the winter time is proof that an artistic important was undertaken by the Sorrento Foundation, as pointed out by the Mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo: "Sorrento continues its vocation to be the privileged settings important events of a cultural nature and artistic. We believe - says the mayor - that the institutions must regain that role for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, but also to the promotion and development of artistic excellence, not one-off events, but giving value to the projects and restoring strength to the hope that culture can always be a support and a stimulus to the real vibrant local economy. Yet an international proposal, therefore, for a City known worldwide for its historical and natural beauty, but it continues to establish itself for its ability to offer its guests proposals and opportunities that can enrich, surprise and amaze, thus stimulating more more opportunities to return. "
In the same vein also the president of the Foundation Sorrento, the owner Gianluigi Aponte, who emphasizes the qualitative leap made by the city, thanks to artistic events of international level: "The seriousness of this commitment and determination to keep you fit, certainly in the long run. The Sorrento Foundation has long been identified in the proposed arts and culture not only a goal of prestige, but also a tool to enhance the tourist offer of the territory, aimed at making the city a landmark not only for lovers of great art the '900, but also to all who seek, in addition to the beauty that naturally enhance our context, the' cameo 'that can make the stay Sorrento a truly unique and unrepeatable.
This Mario Sironi, then, - says Aponte - is a piece that is added to a picture that is beginning to emerge in all its details: a bold proposal winter, certainly of great originality and importance of rare ".

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