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Nature of Sorrento & Peninsula - experiencing Mother Nature's gift

The deep indigo sea waters, the blue skies, the green lush mediterranean fields, the yellow of lemons, the orange that honors the name of the tasty citrus, the reddish shades of the summer sunsets. These are just some of the colors that make particularly suggestive the magnificent rainbow-nature of Sorrento, famous from three thousand years when Homerus rendered famous the Land of Syrens with its story-tales. Simbolically, the first “tourist” that experienced such beauty was Ulysses, a scenario that nowadays is apprecaited by thousands of visitors: a unique rugged panorama, exuberant vegetation and joy of living searched in this luxurious nature. There is no tourist, in fact, that does not remain fascinated with the beaches and shaped coastline highlighted from a powerful sun and the splash of the waves over the volcanic rocks – rich of tuff and limestone that form a fine sand when split. There is no guest in Sorrento that does not enchant themselves when admiring the landscape, the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius. This imponent nature has found its ideal location, with different creative spots, from the old Queen Giovanna Baths Area to the picturesque fisherman's village of Marina Grande. Not less suggestive when visitors reach the Land of Syrens by sea where paradisiac overhanging cliffs and, small grottos, and some beaches are a performance to the eyes. It is a real and proper prodigy of nature that enables enchantment, dream and exctasy.

Parks and gardens

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An excursion to admire the wild nature

In following a route which from the hamlet of Termini (Massa Lubrense) take... Continue

At Capo di Sorrento it is possible to admire the Poseidon's reign

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The baths of Regina Giovanna

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Floral rarities of the Vallone dei Mulini

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Underwater trekking at the Vervece island

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Natural itinerary in Sorrento

Walking from Cesarano to Sant’Agata you can follow an itinerary that ... Continue

Going for a walk in Sorrento

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The kestrel

Among the species of birds of prey present in Sorrento Coast, there is also... Continue

The peregrine

 Along the coasts of the Sorrento Peninsula, it is still today possibl... Continue

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