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Going for a walk in Sorrento

The path of Sant'Antonio offers unforgettable emotions to those who love to walk and to enjoy wonderful views.
Among the ancient paths that, still nowadays, can be found in Sorrento, there's the one that connects the centre of the city of Tasso to Sant'Agata sui due Golfi (beautiful and supplied fraction of Massa Lubrense) surely is one of the most suggestive.
It's the best choice for those who love trekking, but also for those who want to enjoy the magnifent and fascinating view.
For those who want to make a gift to themselves offered by a panoramic walk along this path, here is a tip: you can save energies arriving at Sant'Antonio (where the path starts) using the buses of Circumvesuviana that connect this place with the centre.
The muletrack starts right after the stairs that lead to the church with the same name, (Sant'Antonio church), and goes through an untamed area, where small woods alternate to cultivated terrains. In a short time you will be on a overhanging rock where it is possible to enjoy a very unique view.
Along the small road, between the church where we started our trip and a small chapel on the mountain - there are some stations of the via crucis (stage plays that recall the most important moments in Jesus' life) nearly entirely covered by plants.
The path goes on towards another little church: Santa Maria del Toro, and after that, trough an agricultural passage.
When you'll be almost arrived you can choose between two different directions.
Continuing towards the right, yo can reach the statal road that connects Sant'Agata sui due Golfi to the rest of the Sorrento Coast; if you go to the left you'll reach the so-called Pagliaio del Sandalo, from where you can go down on another path: the one known as Circumpiso.
The muletrack, also known with the name of path of Sant'Antonio, is characterised by a pretty hard rise where you won't find any bars or shop, that is why is higly recommended to wear comfortable shoes and to bring some refreshing drinks.
The time required to cover the whole route is -on average- between thirty minutes and an hour.
Once you'll be in Sant'Agata, if you don't want to walk on the way back, you can get on one of the buses of Sita that will grant the connection with the centre of Sorrento.
You must take the walk not after the early afternoon as it's the light of the day is indispensable to follow the path.




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