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Parks and gardens

Besides offering so many cues able to draw the attention of those who want to admire the historical, artistic, landscape and monumental beauties, Sorrento has a relevant number of parks and gardens which are not only open to the public, but are also able to meet the most different needs.
Due to the need to meet the requirements of visitors of all ages, in fact, Sorrento has provided itself with a relevant number of equipped green areas characterized in different ways.
Those who want to relax while appreciating the wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples, for example, can visit the Public Gardens “Salve D’ Esposito” (near Sant’ Antonino Square and close to the Church and the Cloister of San Francesco).
There, plunged in a thick vegetation, one can not only enjoy a wonderful view on the sea, but can also go on walking up to the beach of Marina Piccola.
Along Corso Italia – very close to Lauro Square and the local railway station of Circumvesuviana – instead, one can visit the Park named “L’ Agruminato”, because rich in citrus-trees typical of Sorrento (above all lemon-trees).
Again along Corso Italia,  but close to the Hospital – one can visit the park of Villa Fiorentino which, besides being the seat of the “Fondazione Sorrento” (where there is also a tourist office), is characterized also by the presence of a large area rich in games for children.
Rich in games for children are also the Park located just behind the football pitch “Campo Italia”  (along Via Rota) and the Ibsen Park (located on top of Via Sersale), which is particularly suggestive because located behind the ancient walls which in the past surrounded the town centre.
Particularly interesting, finally, are the gardens of Lauro Square, because rich in numerous rare botanical varieties, anyway typical of the maquis.
In following one of the possible routes along the streets of the main town of Sorrento Coast, therefore, those who wish to enjoy some relaxation, maybe while being plunged in the green, are just spoilt for choice!




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