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Underwater trekking at the Vervece island

In spite of its small dimensions the Vervece island (not far from the Marina della Lobra in Massa Lubrense and from the tip of the Capo di Sorrento) offers several suggestive opportunities to make underwater immersions. To go underwater, it’s compulsory to be autorized It may look small, but the Vervece island – only one km far form the Marina della Lobra in Massa Lubrense and bit farther from the tip of the Capo di Sorrento – it’s rich with stories and legends. Just think that some tales tell that the famous painter Carlo Amalfi, right near this island, was the main character of an unbelievable event. He thought he was being plagiarized by his false friend Carlo Blower, the famous artist of the Sorrento Coast, and abandoned him, during a sea trip, not far from the Vervece island and he thought he was dead. When he was about to pass away, Carlo Amalfi recognized in the priest who was giving him the extreme unction the man he thought he led to death. Beyond the myths, that cliff is the centre of many suggestive devotional acts. Twelve metres under the sea, this island hosts the statue of the Madonna of the Vervece, considered like the saint patron of the divers and of those who work on the sea. Not only for this reason an immersion in the water that wet the rock, can be highly emotional. But be careful: the Vervece is situated in a area extremely protected of the Marine Park of the Punta Campanella and to reach it with a ship (just like dive in these water) it’s compulsory to have an authorization given by the board that guarantees the safeguard and the respect of the marine reserve. The peculiar conformation of the sea bottoms allows many kinds of underwater explorations. The one that’s less challenging – suggested to the lesser experts – reaches a 19 metres depth. The more expert divers, can choose among several opportunities that reach 40 metres. During the immersion in the “flora” field you can meet, among the others, sea daisies, yellow gorgonians and coin seaweed (at a not so deep level) and red gorgonians and fake black coral. Under the “fauna” profile, instead, it’s not difficult to meet thrushes, coris julis, diplodus, saddled breams, salemas, black groupers (not too deeply), greater amberjacks, small tunas and barracudas (deeper). There are many possible solutions anyway, but all of them are able to give indescribable emotions. For further information(mainly for those about the request of authorization to dive in the waters of the Vervece) you can check the site of the Protected Marie Area of the Punta Campanella (

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