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Caruso Award 2011

Back again this year "A Night for Caruso - Caruso Award 2011". In Sorrento the next July 1 an extraordinary cast of singers and dancers, will pay homage to the famous tenor, bel canto of the first icon known worldwide, but also to the great songwriters, authors of texts and poets of the nineteenth century Italian song today. Marina Grande of Sorrento will be transformed into a television set and the splendid theater of the sea, fitted for the occasion with a spectacular multimedia system in the background, will be the stage for a great show of emotion that the audience can watch in prime time on Raiuno on 8 July. Many artists involved by Francesco Renga Ron, Nathalie, Sal Da Vinci. There will also be the tenor of international repute who will shortly be playing right Gianluca Terranova Enrico Caruso in a new production of Raiuno focused on the life of the great Neapolitan artist. The stars of the evening will be the words in music, verses of songs left over in the history of opera arias, melodies of poetic turn of the century, texts by contemporary authors. It will be a way to celebrate the traditional Italian music, from opera to Neapolitan songs, of which Caruso was the first globally recognized interpreter. To Enrico Caruso is the Prize awarded annually by the city of Sorrento. The Caruso's 2011 Award will be presented to a great artist who has helped spread Italian culture and art in the world. A Sonia Grey and Luca Ward is entrusted with the task of explaining and accompany the viewer on this journey in the Italian musical tradition. The musical direction and arrangements are entrusted to the master Sandro Comini who will lead his orchestra, accompanied by the choir for the occasion of Sorrento consists of fifty items. The paintings original choreography of the program are designed and manufactured by the Italian choreographer-African Mvuli Sungani and interpreted by the elegant and rigorous first dancer Emanuela Bianchini and international artists from the Society Mvuli Sungani, the public has already had occasion to be appreciated for having danced in major European theaters, and for his participation in many television programs, including New Year's Concert from La Fenice in Venice broadcasted worldwide. The costumes of the ballet and all the moments of the show are designed and made by Joseph Tramontano, well-known designer who designed the costumes for numerous films, theater and television. The event is sponsored by the City of Sorrento, Sorrento Foundation, and Regione Campania Raiuno. "A Night for Caruso" is also scheduled on RAI and RAI International USA.

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