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Sorrento among the first sets of Sofia Loren

 Arrived in the Land of the Sirens to turn the shooting of "Pane, amore e...|" with Vittorio De Sica, Tina Pica, and a cast of characters destined to go down in history of cinema, the famous actress has indissolubly linked his name with that of Land of Sirene.Image of Sorrento and the name of Sophia Loren are inextricably linked for over half a century since, that is, the star of international fame - just in the Land of the Sirens - turned the filming of "Pane, amore e ... ., "along with Vittorio De Sica's unforgettable and Pina Tica well as a cast of 'actors destined to go down in history of cinematography. Director of what soon would prove a success - despite a lukewarm initial reception of the critics - Dino Risi, who was still a few years before his recent death, he recalled that wonderful experience as "a nice vacation." Speaking of the capital of the peninsular, with Fabrizio Corallo (author of "Pane says Dino Risi, amore and ...", published in "Southern Lights - a set for Sofia Sorrento", published by Eidos in 1995) the teacher has got to remember: "It started the boom of tourism and Sorrento (as Capri, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast) was well known to 'foreign trips must see the American and European tourists for its natural beauty and' bewitching atmosphere that had artists such as Chekhov and over time Caruso. In the months since the film was shot still had a taste of old Sorrento, c 'were around a few cars but many wheelchairs for the tourists with garlands, lemons, oranges, groups of tarantella dancers who performed in hotels, a climate vital sensual and playful, both on set and off, when everyone, more or less, is devoted to '"catch", the foreign fighters to ...". Referring to Sophia Loren, in that circumstance, however, the same Rice has had the opportunity to recall: "Sophia went to bed every night and very early the next morning arrived on the set always first, fresh, rested and ready to get back in its splendor. It was in an upswing of his career, but had already become the exemplary professional and rigorous that it is today: it was a monastic life.
For her to the cinema was a little 'how to get the votes ...
L 'actress had just reduces the success of "The Gold of Naples" and his mentor, the producer Carlo Ponti (who would later become her husband)' s had entrusted to safe driving and an expert on that of De Sica directly involved in our set of scenes involving Sophie in action. " In those months, Sophia Loren, though already famous, became one of the house, turning the streets of downtown as well as the navies of the Land of the Sirens and leaving a beautiful memory of him.
After that Loren is back again in Sorrento with Lina Wertmuller to turn the filming of "The House of geraniums." It 'was an exciting new experience, during which Sorrento Sorrento and have failed to make their love and their heat, their darling.
Affection and warmth that are renewed with the conferral of honorary citizenship to the famous actress.

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