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There are about thirteen thousand visits totaled project "Sorrento open culture" in the first month and a half of activities. The initiative, promoted by the Peninsula Felix Young, with the assistance of the City of Sorrento, kicked off on 15 June and affects some of the churches of historical importance to the city center of Sorrento, including the Cathedral, the Basilica Pontifica of St. Anthony Abbot, St. Paul and the Addolorata, that thanks to the work of young volunteers remain open during the hours between the hours of 24:30 and 16:30, normally closed. The project this year was organized in partnership with the high school Gaetano Salvemini of Sorrento and with the participation of the Institute Polispecialistico San Paolo.
For Councilman Massimo Coppola, who supported the initiative, "the success of the initiative is evidenced by the large public response." "The thirteen thousand visitors who were able to visit the monuments included in the project are a number expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks - he added - And 'thanks to such initiatives that aim in order to appreciate the beauty of citizens and tourists artistic and cultural Sorrento ".
"The initiative of this year - said Luigi Di Prisco, coordinator of the cultural activities of Peninsula Felix - was carried out as a result of the project" Adopt a Monument "conceived and organized by our association. Over the years, this initiative has been greatly enriched up to bring good results deferred. These cultural initiatives should be an important opportunity for young people in our area as well as being useful for internships, with time could become a real resource capable of favoring the employment opportunities for our children at this time of particular economic downturn. "

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