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The Parsano bastion

Sorrento since roman times. had a solid defence system ensured by its imposing walls encircling the town and its only in fairly recent history that the walls have been in their current, partly preserved state. During Spanish rule, the town was the centre of intense activity to guarantee a strong defence system the inhabited centre as it was exposed to the risk of Saracen invasion which especially during the 16th century, devasted much of southern Italy's seas.From the start of 16th century the Roman walls which had been restored several times in the middle ages, were completely renewed and made impassable.The presence of a castle testifies to the importance of the gateway to the east, towards Piano, which was considered the main gate. Among the minor gates were that which opened into Massa Lubrense and those which accessed the mooring jetties. The gate called Porta di Parsano did not exist until the Bourbon period and ironically this is the only one which is still visible in its original context. This was opened along the southern side of the walls to give easy access to the hillside area, which was being developed but was hard to reach because of its inaccessible rocky land and holes in the ground. Created during the 18th century, this gate was the beginning of a series of urban transformations culminating in the opening of Corso Italia, and during the last century the laying of Via degli Aranci. It is because of the opening of Porta di Parsano that Sorrento also developed towards the south, beyond the walls which extended from the area corresponding to today's via Marina Grande to the charming and fascinating Vallone dei Mulini which even today has part of the viceroyal walls above it.


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Tutto non è solo quel che sembra ma, molto altro.

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