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The peregrine

 Along the coasts of the Sorrento Peninsula, it is still today possible to be present at the flight of the Holy Spirit which precedes the dives of the famous raptorial birds which were able to enchant even Emperor Frederick II.
Among the so many natural beauties characterizing and making the whole Sorrento Coast unique, there are some concerning the world of fauna.
Few people know, in fact, that in the highest areas of the Sorrento Coast, it is not difficult to meet with various species of hawk. First of all, that of the so-called Peregrine (scientifically known with the name of falco pellegrinus), and that of the Kestrel ( known, instead, as falco tinnunculus).
Actually, the specimens which can be still today admired represent a minimal part of the very thick colonies which at the beginning of the 13th century fascinated Emperor Frederick II.
It is not by chance, in fact, that this one – such an expert of the world of birds as to write the De arte venandi cum avibus  (The art of hunting with birds), considered as the earliest scientific work on birds -  appointed a man belonging to the local noble family of the Vulcanos as his personal falconer for his undiscussed familiarity that this man from Sorrento had achieved just along the coasts where he had grown.
Apart from these historical curiosities, anyway, the presence of hawks testifies also the very good quality of the air that the Sorrento Coast can boast.
The peregrines which nest and lay their eggs on the natural terraces or in the rocky cavities of the Sorrento Coast can breed up to two or three chicks at a time. This is due to a particularly low level of environmental pollution and to exceptional general conditions among which the scarcity of use of pesticides and of plant protection products.
As a consequence, therefore, besides the exceptional quality of the air, we can also have the certainty of the correctness characterizing the care of the local cultivations.
Any spectator having the chance to admire the peregrine flying is enchanted by its dives. These are usually preceded by hoots of threat and by a ritual which keens qualify as the flight of the Holy Spirit.
In this phase the peregrine seems to be able to stop in the air with its apparently motionless wings. A condition, this one, which allows these very fast raptorial birds to individuate the preys destined to be captured at the end of their inexorable dives.
Terrible hunters, peregrines usually concentrate their attentions on insects, small mammals or lizards, but they find in Ravens (which are also numerous in the Coast) their favourite preys.



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