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The portals of v.S. Cesareo


An old main decumanus, in the past this was the main street in the town. It is not by chance that there were the homes of the most important noble families from Sorrento. Today many interesting portals remain of them.
Few people know, while in walking along the streets of the old town centre of Sorrento, that the present main street (Corso Italia), until few years ago, was known as “via nuova” (new street”).
This because its making (at least in its present form), actually dates back to the Nineteenth century.
The main street of the town was previously Via San Cesareo, because made upon the main decumanus which in the past crossed the heart of the town.
Right because considered as the real centre of Sorrento life, Via San Cesareo (just as Via Fuoro, which represents its prolongation) was full of the palaces of the local noble families.
This is the reason why in this area it is still possible to admire ancient portals (and various courtyards) which, at least partly, can recall the splendor of their respective buildings.
By taking the road from the side of Tasso Square, we can appreciate the portals  corresponding to the numbers 5 (on the right) and 6 (on the left) which, probably also as an effect of their closeness to the ancient Sedile di Porta and the now destroyed Castle, introduced to the inside of buildings considered as particularly prestigious.
More ahead, respectively at the numbers 61 and 81(located short before and after the ancient Sedil Dominova which gave hospitality to a part of Sorrento nobility) we can admire, instead, portals characterized by the presence of big ashlars and ornaments which make them unique.
From both, one enters the entrance halls (closed to the public) on whose vault there are the patrician stems of the families who have stayed there.
Interesting is also, if not in perfect state of preservation, is also the portal of number 101 (corresponding to the palace which in the past gave hospitality to the Donnorsos first and then to the Marescas, considered as the most famous families in Tasso’s hometown).
Actually the whole route of Via San Cesareo offers several reasons of interest.
Besides those offered by civil buildings, in fact, there are those of religious kind (Church of Addolorata) and monumental one (the Sedil Dominova).
The street intersects, moreover, another one rich in portals which are both ancient and interesting.


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