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The wonders of the Palace of Caserta

Able to compete in beauty and sizes with the Royal Palace of Versailles, the Bourbon complex is characterized by the presence of a wonderful park and by a series of artistic and architectural beauties. The wonderful water games reviving so many basins and fountains immersed in a wonderful park spreading for almost three kilometres of length (and occupying an area of almost 120 hectares) are the setting of the splendid Royal Palace of Caserta, thus contributing to make the wonderful royal residence, built according to Charles III of Bourbon, one of the most beautiful and sumptuous in the world. Risen to compete with that of Versailles, in fact, the complex has over 1,200 rooms and is characterized by the presence of a palace almost 250 metres long. Regarded as the last of the most significant makings of the Italian Baroque, the work was begun thanks to the wit of the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli, in 1572 and – though it was already inhabited before the end of the 18th century – it was finally completed in 1845. Inside the superb building, we can admire refined architectural devices, magnificent stuccos, imposing statues, wonderful paintings and so many other beauties perfectly able to make the pomp of life at the Bourbon Court still tangible. Rich in details able to leave visitors enchanted, the Palace is characterized by the presence of an enchanting Palatine Chapel and a marvellous court theatre. Actually, the beauty of the rooms of the palace is wonderfully preannounced by an octagonal lobby from which a sumptuous staircase starts (along which we can admire the statues of Charles III besides those symbolizing Truth and Merit) surmounted by a double elliptic vault made more precious by the presence of frescos representing the four seasons and the Palace of Apollo. At the end of a double flight of stairs, we get to the old and the new royal apartments, preceded by the rooms of halberdiers, of Body Guards and of Alexander the Great. The walls of the rooms of the oldest one – which was inhabited by Ferdinand 4th – are made particularly suggestive by walls covered with silks produced in the famous factory of San Leucio. Inside this apartment, we can admire four conversation rooms (dedicated to the four seasons, too), the study and the bedroom of Ferdinand II, the reception room, the palatine library and the so-called elliptic room inside which there is an enchanting Neapolitan crib. Inside the “new apartment” (so called because made between 1806 and 1845), instead, we can appreciate so many different masterpieces which make the Room of Mars, that of Astrea and the imposing Room of the Throne (36 metres long), rich in gildings and particularly refined paintings, more elegant and really unforgettable. Particularly charming are then the gardens (partly Italian and partly English), surrounding the building. Perfectly inserted in the wonderful setting of the park, finally, we can appreciate so many ponds making the Basin and the Fountain of Dolphins, the Basin and the Fountain of Ceres, the Basin and the Fountain of Aeolus, the Fountain of Diana and Actaeon, (surmounted by the big thermal waterfalls), the so-called cascatelle (small waterfalls) and the Fountain of Venus and Adonis, besides the Fountain Margaret, unforgettable.

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