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Vietri sul Mare: a really elegant bathing resort

Besides for the beauty of its beaches and the vegetation surrounding it, the lovely town of Amalfi Coast distinguishes itself the original and enchanting craftsmanlike production of pottery Vietri sul mare lies not far from Salerno and develops along one of the most beautiful stretches of road in Amalfi Coast because immersed in a splendid vegetation. Not by chance this lovely town, thanks to the presence of wonderful beaches, has always been considered an ideal destination of tourists who, in particular, consider the beach of Crestanella a real “bathing drawing room”. Among the most regular and affectionate visitors of this small town, there are the Germans who, especially in the period between the two world wars, created a real camp of artists. Among these, Riccardo Doelker, Irene Kowaliska conquered a particular fame, but also others who, along with Guido Gambone, created some of those wonderful artistic pieces of pottery which still contribute in making an original craftsmanlike Vietri production unforgettable. Not by chance, a lot of local houses and churches are made even more precious and suggestive by the presence of majolica tiles and pieces of pottery able to exert real admiration. Some of the most beautiful and ancient examples which were made by the more or less famous ceramist masters of the area are kept in the Museum housed in the tower of Villa Guariglia, situated in Rialto (that is a small centre few kilometres away from Vietri). Among the most beautiful religious buildings which can be admired in the area of Vietri, instead, there is the church of San Giovanni Battista, which was built in the high part of the town in the first thirty years of the 18th century. The so-called parish church – covered with a dome in majolica tiles – lies next to an octagonal bell tower. It is able to show, both outside and inside, the ability of masters from Vietri. On the entrance portal, for example, there is the representation of the Saint, the religious building is consecrated to, on majolica tiles. Inside, instead, we can appreciate the decorated pottery embellishing the high altar and the other altars. Among the hints the lovers of excursions can take into account, there are the Grottos of San Cesareo – little far from Vietri – which, among their cavities, hide the ruins of an ancient church. Farther- but considered really interesting – finally, is the very old Benedictine Abbey of Santa Trinità della Cava which was founded in the early 11th century by a monk coming from Cluny. It is situated in the territory of the towns of Cava dei Tirreni.

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